10.5' x 8.5' x 6"

forged steel,
cast iron, brass

"I have found Thor Myhre to
be an excellent worker as
well as a very gifted artist.  
His creative talents and
ideas are substantial and
his ability to express these
ideas is very reassuring. He
has been able to take my
architectural needs (and
tastes) and reshape them
into individual works of art
that exceed my dreams but
are still uniquely his own.  
His ability to visualize my
words is really rather
remarkable. He is a
meticulous worker, clean,
honest, and respectful. I
always insist that he sign his
work... his talent is that
remarkable.  I give him my
highest recommendation.  
His projects for me can be
viewed at my websites at
mjmanor.com  and

Marc Belair
Marc-James LLC